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During the creation of the article, the creator in question said that they would be returning to the article in an attempt to try and turn it into a Featured Article. It has now been four months since the articles creation, and the article has not been touched once by the creator since then, and has also been left in decay for the past two months at the least.

The article also sets a bad precedent insomuch as the New Jersey Devils are only a 24 year old hockey team, while other, more storied teams such as the Original Six of the National Hockey League do just fine without the need of a "History of the While this article may have one or two things of particular note that the team's main article neglects to mention for example the controversy over the team's name a year ago , just about all of the article is a carbon copy of the team's history on the main page with some minor tweaks on the wording here and there.

Why slaughter the information when there is not a question of notability of the New Jersey Devils, and there is certainly nothing wrong with having a history article, so long as it exceeds the limits of the main page.

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/2006 July 24

This article was created in an attempt to generate a subpage: [40] and it contains nothing but images, including a few from copyrighted books. Very likely a hoax. Speedy tag removed twice by author. No listing on Allmusic. It is my brother's band Thomas Jones. What do I have to do to the article to avoid deletion? Mango juice talk , 31 July UTC. This page is merely a list with little encyclopedic information about the less important noble houses in the fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire.

The major houses of the setting already each have their own pages, and all of the information on this page is already replicated on those pages, or could be merged to those pages with little effort. Indrian , 24 July UTC. Original author removed prod. Survived a VfD nearly two years ago, but I hardly see why. This person clearly does not belong here.

The result was Speedy delete. Normally, AfDs run for about 5 days or so, but this seems to be the most appropriate action. At minimum, The article is not a serious attempt at writing encyclopedic content for this project. Nonsense article, looks to be a parody of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Tags have been removed by author on numerous occasions. Wildthing , 24 July UTC. It's not a nonsense article, it's an article trying to prove a point, just as the original intent of the FSM tried to prove a point. I strongly urge the deletion of this article, as it has no religious or historical value of any kind.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Log/ July 24

The user admits he is spamming although in all fairness he seems to honestly fail to realize it's not acceptable practice on Wikipedia. Tesson , 24 July UTC. Non notable, with contact info; reads like an ad.

  • The Turtle Without a Shell;
  • .
  • Der Traumapatient Chile: Vergangenheitsbewältigung in Realität und Fiktion am Beispiel von Ariel Dorfmans La muerte y la doncella (German Edition)!
  • Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed Novel Literature Unit Study.
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No content indicating notability of the subject. Page is an orphan with no pages linking to it. Fairsing , 24 July UTC. Non-notable character within the Dragon Ball GT anime series, and a copy of information already found in List of dragons in Dragon Ball. Only one of these characters Yi Xing Long has any real importance in the franchise. I am coupling this with others and Evil Dragons as well.

Small amount of different info on some pages that can be merged, but at most they should redirect to the listed article. The article currently uses three criteria to determine if a city is "endangered," thus warranting mention in the article: declining population, "most in danger of natural disaster," and "most outrageous crime rates.

Powerful stories to help you live a fuller life

However, this article is about "endangered" cities, which is a very vague concept. It cites no sources and is speculative in large part "Enormous earthquake predicted within the next years. City remains unprepared and buildings are not up to code. Towers as far away as Chicago expected to sway when this earthquake strikes". Finally, note that New York and Washington, D.

Thereýs Magic All Around Us

Though it seems that these two cities would be more likely to experience a terror attack than any other US cities, adding these to the list would be purely speculative. Viral marketing has no place on wikipedia. Google search turns up only 28 hits, most of which have nothing to do with this topic. A possible hoax. Green , 24 July UTC.

Delete as it is a non-notable web comic. There are 8 strips all posted today by the author to his blog. Gay Cdn talk email Contr. Delete as a non-notable web page. It also fails the vanity test as it is written by one of the page's developers. The topic page looks good, but is basially just a collection of national weather agency links and graphics which is regularly updated. The result was speedy delete as re-creation of deleted content. The text is the same as was in the previously deleted version of the article. None made any more than tangential mention of this company, supporting the view given by editors in the prior discussion that the WP:CORP criteria were not satisfied.

Jaadu - A Motivational Story About The Magic Of Giving - The Art of Living

An independently written magazine feature article on the company would satisfy the criteria. But a one sentence mention as an example of "other companies" such as is the case with the cited ungraduate final year project does not. Has been recreated after afd deletion on July 20, Mattisse , 24 July UTC.

I added a few articles as per the Wikipedia rules and expected to be part of the Consensus. I also expected to have to continue to add more and more articles until I wore them down. Someone unilaterally showed they have more brownie points than I do, and removed it, without saying who. I will continue to improve the site. Tmcsheery , 24 July UTC.

Non-notable company with an advertisement as an encyclopedia entry. Review of gig in the Guardian, lest someone decides the Scotsman is not a national newspaper They also played at the wickerman festival in Scotland this year OK, I agree I don't deserve to be listed in Wikipedia, but the Mount Kosciuszko inclusion, while true, was intended to be humorous.

You guys really should lighten up a bit. Is not notable herself. The loose notability claim declares that her site is the first to use high definition video in her video shoots. Other than that, it doesn't seem that she herself is all that notable. Vanity page created by User:Jedhensley. Recreated after previous speedy deletion. This almost meets CSD A7, but because of the author's vigorous objecting, I felt it would be good to obtain consensus.

Mango juice talk , 24 July UTC. Speedy G4 If it was speedied and recreated, it qualifies. Otherwise, just Delete. This look awfully like spam to me. Aristiana , 24 July UTC. Reads like a combination of a hoax and attack page. No vote - listed here for consensus decision. It has an alexa ranking of only , and a google count of only 54, I'd say that it's fine to delete at this stage.