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Flapper dance costume worn by Lucie Arnaz in a specialty flapper dance number "Here's Lucy," Unfortunately neither the costume nor the scene made it to the final cut of the film. INFO : www. Diane Findlay and Jeffry Denman Tannen authored the play, based on his memoir, which reveals his decade-long friendship with Ball in her later years. The two-actor play will reunite Diane J.

Todd Weeks will again direct. I Loved Lucy will be presented at 8 PM. According to the Transport Group, "Comedienne Lucille Ball left an indelible imprint on fans throughout the world, but most saw only the public persona. Now, go behind the scenes and get a glimpse of the personal side of Lucy. It was a time Lucy spent out of the spotlight and around a backgammon table, and Lee was lucky enough to be sitting across from her for much of that time. Tickets are available at www.

For more information visit www. I Love Lucy revolutionized the way television shows were made. It became the first show to be watched by 10 million people, then 40 million people a year later. But James Sheridan and Barry Monush take readers beyond the "Lucy" character and into information that may not be common knowledge.

Although known for her comic genius, Lucille Ball also was adept at drama, was the first woman to head a major production company on her own, and green-lighted some of the most popular and profitable television series of all time, including Star Trek and Mission: Impossible. Lucille Ball FAQ paints a full portrait of America's favorite redhead from her life growing up, love interests, friends and co-stars, inspirations, TV shows and films, and family. Lucille Ball FAQ includes: A complete Lucy timeline Great black and white photos Complete lists of her awards and recorded songs Episode lists and synopses for each television series Places she lived and shot on location Inside jokes Pop culture references on her shows Her favorite guest stars Performances she nearly did, but didn't or couldn't Although countless books and articles have been written about Lucille Ball, most people know only the surface details of her personal life and some basic facts about her popular television series.

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Lucille Ball FAQ takes us beyond the "Lucy" character to give readers information that might not be common knowledge about one of the world's most beloved entertainers. It can be read straight through, but the FAQ format also invites readers to pick it up and dig in at any point. James Sheridan and Barry Monush go beyond the well known facts, making his an indispensable book for all Lucille Ball fans! Reviews on the book from fans rate this book a 5 out of 5! Beginning in April CBS added reruns from the show's early years to its early evening weekend schedule.

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This would be the first of several occasions when I Love Lucy reruns would become part of CBS's evening, prime time , and later on daytime schedules. In fall , CBS began offering the series in off-network syndication; as of August , the reruns air on the Hallmark Channel and MeTV networks, and scores of television stations in the U.

In addition, CBS has run numerous specials, including a succession of annual specials which feature episodes which have been newly colorized.

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The episode " Lucy Goes to the Hospital " , which first aired on Monday, January 19, , garnered a record I Love Lucy ranked highly in the Nielsen ratings throughout its entire run. It garnered a record To this day, that record is surpassed only by Elvis Presley 's first of three appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show , which aired on 9 September I Love Lucy does, however, have the highest average rating for a TV show for any season. They began that summer with the pilot and the first three episodes on a single DVD. Every six weeks, another volume of four episodes would be released on DVD in chronological order.

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They continued to release the series very slowly and would not even begin to release any season 2 episodes until the middle of By the spring of , the third season on DVD began to be released with about six episodes released every six weeks to mail order subscribers. By the fall of , season four episodes began to be offered by mail.

By the spring of season five DVDs with about six episodes each began to be released gradually. They began releasing complete season sets in the Summer of every few months. They stated that Columbia House Subscribers would get these episodes through mail before releasing any box sets with the same episodes.

They finally ended gradual subscriptions in , several months before season 5 became available in retail. Columbia House then began to make season box sets available instead of these single volumes.

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  • These DVDs offered identical features and identical content to the mail order single sets formerly available until In December , the first high-definition release of I Love Lucy was announced, with the Blu-ray edition of the first season, scheduled for May 5, The DVD releases feature the syndicated heart opening, and offer the original broadcast openings as bonus features.

    Season 6 allows viewers to choose whether to watch the episodes with the original opening or the syndicated opening. Initially, the first season was offered in volumes, with four episodes per disc. After the success of releasing seasons 2, 3, and 4 in slimpacks, the first season was re-released as a seven disc set, requiring new discs to be mastered and printed to include more episodes per disc so there would be fewer discs in the set.

    For the complete series box set, the first season would be redone again, this time to six DVDs, retaining all bonus features. The individual volume discs for the first season are still in print, but are rare for lack of shelf space and because the slimpacks are more popular. In , all season sets were reissued in slipcovered clear standard-sized amaray DVD cases, with season 1 being the 6-disc version as opposed to the 7-disc version.

    Season 1 includes the pilot and all 35 Season 1 episodes in a 7-disc set.

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    Season 2 includes all 31 Season 2 episodes in a 5-disc set. Season 3 includes all 31 Season 3 episodes in a 5-disc set.

    Season 2 and 3 are in a slimline pack. My grandfather was big on Eddie Cantor and Bing Crosby movies. Musicals were the s and s idea of fantasy movies where an emotion or mood could be conveyed through the art of a song. Looking back at old musicals they weren't very realistic, but boy are they fun to watch! My favorite musicals are different that is what on most people's list. Here are my five favorite musicals of all time: 5.

    "lucille ball"

    Astaire and Cyd Charisse were great partners in this adaptation of the Cole Porter broadway show. By , musical tastes were changing, and Astaire even spoofed the changes in the show topper "Ritz, Roll, And Rock". This movie is a must to see for any Astaire or MGM musical fan.

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