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Never be short of Short Kid Stories!

The author, Stephan Pastis, also the creator of Pearls Before Swine , does an incredible job of combing witty humor with clever drawings. If taken seriously, this book could be viewed as depressing, but, if taken in the manner it was intended, humor, the book is hilarious. What I liked: the humor is fantastic. There were many times when I literally laughed out loud, and the drawings were so on point with the humor.

The main character, Timmy, is unique and eccentric, and the mother is fabulous. There are many jokes that, while funny for kids, are even funnier for adults. This would be a great book to read with your child. Not enough to put it down, though. Jack Creedle, and the town of Vern Hollow, have been invaded by aliens. But, when Jack, Uncle Bud, Isadora Shumway and her highly-respected scientist mother are kidnapped by the spider aliens, things really get crazy. All the main characters are different with their own individual quirks and attitudes.

A Premature Attempt at the 21st Century Canon

It got tiresome by chapter five. I appreciate trying to write the story from multiple points of view, but there are better ways to accomplish that. It was also unnecessarily long. What a fun read! The book is about 12 kids that get to spend the night in a super cool new library designed by a famous game-maker.

The catch? What I liked: The characters are believable. All kids and adults will relate to the personality traits and complicated relationships experienced by the characters. I also loved the clues the kids had to figure out in order to solve the puzzles…totally made me wish I was in that library with them. I found myself flipping to get past a few pages because of the characters. But, the main character is great! Set in 19 th -century British Mars, Secrets of the Dragon Tomb has a combination steampunk and sci-fi feel. Edward Sullivan is a year-old who has always dreamed of becoming a spy.

One day, his silly cousin Freddie comes to visit and everything changes, and not for the better. Each was completely unique and fully developed. The book was non-stop action and adventure, with crazy situations and fabulous locales. There were a couple times where I thought the situation went on a little long, but then something would happen that pulled me right back into the story.

The storyline is really fun. An average year-old boy is selected to go to Spy School, which is pretty cool. But, when his life is suddenly placed in danger, things get crazy and all kinds of drama and adventures unfold.

What I liked: Great story line! And, anytime you have an ordinary kid thrown into extraordinary situations you have a great plot. What I did not like: This novel would probably get a much higher rating, but one thing really bothered me about the book…it has curse words. I recently re-read this book, and thought it would be a good idea to review it. Most people have heard of the Percy Jackson series, but may not be familiar with the Kane Chronicles. The Red Pyramid was an interesting story, introducing the reader to the world of Egyptian gods.

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It follows the story of an estranged, recently reunited, brother and sister who like Percy Jackson encounter a strange world of Gods and how they affect the human world. What I liked: I enjoyed the first person accounts by each of the two main characters, Sadie and Carter. I felt that gave us a deeper understanding of each character.

I understand their roles changed throughout the history of Egypt, but it did get confusing trying to keep them straight. The author did a great job of trying to make the connections clear, but it still did get a bit overwhelming. Overall, this was a great book, with interesting characters and exciting adventures. I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in mythology or for kids who love a great adventure. I absolutely loved the setting and could easily picture the houses of the square.

And, the ending is also a feel-good, stressing the importance of family and working together. But, once you do, the story picks up and becomes really interesting. So, stick it out, it is worth it. Moses LoBeau aka Mo is a spunky year-old girl who loves an adventure. But, when robbery, murder, and kidnapping arrive at her small town of Tupelo Landing, Mo and her best friend, Dale, decide to form a detective agency and solve the crimes, much to the chagrin of recently arrived Detective Starr.

What I liked: lots of great characters. Because the story takes place in a small town, all the characters except the recently arrived detective all know each other very well maybe too well and their interactions are fun and perfect. Very slow. I found myself dragging to read the first half of the book. But, once I hit the second half, I had a hard time putting it down. Very exciting. Every nine years for nine days a secret doorway opens allowing humans entry to a magical island where humans, ogres, giants, and elves live together in harmony.

Anxiously, the queen and king have waited for the doorway to reopen. Now, as the ninth year approaches, the royals prepare a ragtag group of rescuers to find the prince and return him to the island. What I liked: the first few chapters feel a lot like the first Harry Potter book, although written years before maybe J. Rowling got her inspiration here. The characters are so much fun and eccentric, and the island itself made me want to try and find it. My one critique would be that there was no real villain. Trottle and her obnoxious son are terrible people, to be sure.

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  7. But, there was no real sense of danger. It was a bit predictable, but again, not a bad thing. Overall, super cute. I love mythology, so I was excited to read this. Most of the people in the small town of Blackwell, South Dakota, are descendants of the long-since dead Norse gods, Thor and Loki. With Ragnarok coming aka the end of the world , the champions must fight in place of the gods.

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    Of course, thirteen-year-old Matt Thorsen never thought it would be him. He screws everything up! Now he must put together the team of champions who will fight to prevent the end of the world.


    What I liked: Great story line. Great characters.

    Puny Don Short Story Kids by Brezhnev Luba - AbeBooks

    Matt, Fen, and Laurie are a great team, even if they have a hard time trusting each other. I also liked that each chapter was through the eyes of one of the three main characters, so you get to know each of them well. And, I think it did need some explaining before delving into the action. They start staking-out the mysterious Mr. X who dresses all in black and carries suitcases full of what? This is a great book about friendship and confronting your fears.

    Never be short of Short Kid Stories!

    What I liked: the characters are fabulous. The main character Georges is so believable as a year-old making a new friend. I liked being in his head and seeing all the characters through his eyes. The two families are also great. Each character is so completely different and interesting, it made me want to meet them in person.