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And make sure you grab a copy of her new book I Ain't Doin It!! We are a people who LOVE to talk about books, so today I brought the expert in to talk to us about what we should be reading this summer. Anne Bogel, many of you know her as Modern Mrs. Darcy, talks reading and books better than any other friend I've got. Her latest book, I'd Rather Be Reading, is just one of the most fun and inspiring books I've read in a while if you want to be inspired to open up more books.

She has two book-centric podcasts of her own that I think you'll love. I can't wait to hear what you are going to read this summer and what book clubs you have joined! Episode Louie Giglio. Y'all I cannot tell you what an honor it was to sit down with Louie Giglio, a man who has been pastoring me through his teachings and books for twenty years. I worked real hard to be appreciative but not "Between Two Ferns" level fandom, so forgive me if I got weird at any point. We dive in on perseverance, leadership, influence, family, and La Croix.

Episode Margaret Feinberg. She's a long time friend, an incredible author, a writing coach to many, and just one of the all around best people. Her latest book Taste and See is a journey though the foods of the Bible and the book, and this episode, will just make your mouth water. Episode Andrew Osenga. As many of our friends graduate this month, I thought it would be fun to bring on an expert in transitions. Andrew Osenga hosts The Pivot podcast, all stories of people who have had a transition in their life and how they have maneuvered it.

After you listen to this show, share it with your favorite graduate and make sure you've subscribed to The Pivot! Episode Pam Tebow. Who better to share her wisdom about being a mom than Pam Tebow?!? You know we love her son Tim around here, but now we get to hear from her! I've never been more inspired to memorize scripture and notice where I'm affecting others. This one is so so inspirational! Her new book Ripple Effects is out now- so make sure you grab a copy for yourself and your favorite mom!

Episode Ryan Hall. I'm so glad, too. Episode Amanda Lindsey Cook. Endless summer. Essential winter. This is a conversation I will not soon forget. Her songs have been a soundtrack to much of my healing and growth in my relationship with God, particularly in the last four years. While sometimes I tell you to be ready to take notes, today I'd encourage you to be outside while you listen, go on a walk or sit on your porch or just be in a place where you can let these words fall on you.

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It's special. Episode Ben Higgins. As a long fan of the Bachelor series, I'm really excited for y'all to hear this conversation with Ben Higgins. Honest, kind, smart, funny, and full full full of wisdom. But whether you've been a fan of his for a while or this is a first introduction, you're welcome! He's awesome! This may be one where you scribble down some notes- don't say I didn't warn ya. Make sure you check out Generous Coffee too! Episode Emily Chapman Richards.

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If you are moved by talk of family, adoptions, orphans, and the love and grace of God, this one may get ya. My friend Emily Chapman Richards is the newly appointed executive director of ShowHope and I think she's just one of the best and brightest and most inspiring women I know. If you'd like to know more about ShowHope, just head to their website! I'm so so happy to have Jeremy Cowart back on the show! We have lots of topics to cover as you will see including an update on The Purpose Hotel and his new amazing book I'm Possible. We also spend some time on Santa Claus and and adoption and chronic pain so yeah, we're something special.

Episode Charles Martin. It all started when one of you sweet friends handed me a novel by Charles Martin. Then I saw I had another on my book shelf from my mom. This episode will tell you why and why you should join me! Quick reminder: we are taking next week off the show to celebrate Holy Week.

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I hope you will take the time you usually spend here with us and use it to read, listen, and learn about why Easter week changed everything for us. Happy Easter, friends.

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He is risen indeed. See you Monday April 22nd! This episode is like a little love letter to us all! We talk a lot about enneagram and relationships and soccer so what I'm saying is this may be the apex show of my life. Episode Emily P.

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Emily P. Freeman is so dear to me. Getting to talk to her, listen to her, learn from her, it's quite a gift. I'm so honored to have her on the show today, to get to share her with you. Her newest book just released this week- The Next Right Thing- and along with her podcast, this work is just totally changing me. I bet it will change you too. Episode Ben Rector. He shows up in a million ways- in humor, in kindness, in wisdom. He's a great musician but an even better man. His live show is so so good. Episode Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

I love being friends with Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She is every bit as genuine and kind and truth-telling as you expect her to be. You'll hear in this conversation all about her prayer life, her family life, her television life, and her author life. Her new book Point of View just released this week and I think you will really love it. Get your journal out, there are nuggets galore in this one.

Episode David Crowder.

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I've been a fan of David Crowder for about as long as I've been buying music. He is one of my favorite musicians, one of my favorite writers y'all have GOT to read some of his prose , and now one of my favorite dudes. This conversation was incredibly fun and entertaining for me across the table, I cannot wait to hear how you feel about it too! Crowder's newest album I Know A Ghost is a really good one.

Father, Son, Holy Spirit- that part of this convo stuck with me. What a genius.

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I think you're going to love this one! Episode Trudy Cathy White. You probably recognize Trudy's maiden name- Cathy. Like Truett Cathy. Trudy Cathy White is way more than fried chicken, though. Over the last few years as I have gotten to know her, she has taught me faithfulness, joy, long obedience in the same direction.