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It says so inside my trousers. A mysterious business card reveals that Stella has lost her memories and all signs point to Moghador, a gateway to hell where a pawnbroker holds the answers.

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Do you want to write a report about this book? Seventeen-year old Marvin resents his stepfather, struggles to communicate with his mother, cannot hold a coherent conversation with a female, and is indefatigably determined to do exactly the opposite of his father. Marvin has the psychic ability to see ghosts, a gift or… curse rather he inherits from his deceased father whose amicable specter is the very first the reader is introduced to.

Marvin disparages his ability and chooses to ignore every spirit who needs him to help them take care of unfinished business.

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Now, this might sound M. But then he meets Stella McCartney, a teenage ghost-girl, hanging out in the cemetery behind his house. Obviously, he decides to help her.

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That touches his hardened heart, and, more likely, he realizes his only shot at ever having a girlfriend is if he pursues a dead one. Marvin is one of those protagonists you eventually grow to tolerate because the majority of the story is about him. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this book is the way it approaches death. Edwards takes the road less traveled here, and instead of offering her readers the world of decomposition and immutable rage expected from a ghost story, she gives us a world of people—people who happen to be dead.

And that picture of the afterlife makes death a little less scary. That audience will, along with Marvin, learn that while some things are worth risking everything for, others must be let go.

Marvin's Curse

First, the dialogue is cheesy, particularly the exchanges between Stella and Marvin. At the same time, she is working with two teenagers one of whom is dead and the other, a psychic-medium who has never had a girlfriend who are attracted to each other. Edwards is currently editing her newest book, The Iron City , a story about a dragon slayer.