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The Dream of Life

Relativ - The Impact Mirok - Anterograde Amnesia Is what we are viewing a wave or is it a particle? It all depends on how we observe it, or dream it up…As Viewed, So Appears. The key agent in how things manifest is none other than our own consciousness. Talk about responsibility! Will we realize that we are all collaboratively dreaming up this universe into full-bodied materialization so as to shed light on the unconscious and awaken ourselves?

Or, will we not recognize this, and destroy ourselves in collective suicide, a species gone mad? We live in a quantum universe of open-ended potential at each and every moment. We are all complicit in what is being dreamed up in our universe. How our universe manifests depends on how we, both individually and collectively, dream it up. This is not to negate that certain events are actually happening.

Your dream world

People ARE dying. Rather, it is to recognize that in the act of investing our universe with a certain meaning, we are playing a role in not only how we experience our universe, but in how our universe continues its creative unfoldment. Our interpretation of our experience is the part of the universe through which we can change the universe. One day, I found a brand new bottle of contact lens solution in the bathroom closet the day after I had just bought one in the store. And then I realized that I could just as easily interpret the exact same experience in an empowering, instead of a dis-empowering way.

I could interpret finding the extra contact lens solution as evidence that I was living in an abundant universe where my possessions had started to magically multiply. Instead of having one bottle of contact lens solution, in reality I now had two. Why was I depressed about this? It was clear to me at that moment how direct and instantaneous a link there is between how we interpret our reality and how we experience life. It was clear to me that, depending on my interpretation, I would attract experiences to me that would further confirm my point of view.

The self-fulfilling prophetic nature of my experience could not have been more obvious. As Viewed, So Appears is such a profound articulation of how we create our reality, that if we think As Viewed, So Appears is not true, the entire universe will shape-shift and reflect back to us that As Viewed, So Appears seems not true.

Which, of course, is just further proof of the all-pervasiveness and profundity of As Viewed, So Appears. We are like magicians, enchanted by our own creation.

By connecting the dots in the inkblot, so to speak, we are superimposing, or mapping a meaning pattern projecting, i. Being that the seemingly outer dreamscape, like a Rorschach test, is nothing other than our own projection, our own reflection, it has no choice but to spontaneously shape-shift and reflect back our interpretation.

The universe reflects back to us our point of view in such a way so as to confirm our perspective in a self-validating feedback loop. The meaning appears to be inherent in the outer inkblot, whereas in reality, the origin of the meaning is our own mind. And a projection is an inkblot reflecting back to us ourselves. As soon as we connect the dots on an inkblot, the inkblot instantaneously shape-shifts and mirrors back our projection.

It is not as though one moment we view the inkblot one way and two moments later it appears that way. The very moment we view the inkblot a certain way is the very same moment it appears that way.

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As Viewed, So Appears. The inkblot just reflects back to us our own interpretation.

Lucid dreams as a bridge between realities - Chongtul Rinpoche - TEDxFultonStreet

Once we project onto the inkblot, the inkblot will provide all of the necessary justification and convincing evidence to prove the rightness of our projection in a self-confirming and never-ending feedback loop that is completely self-generated. It is as if we are creative geniuses who, by our power of evoking reality, have unknowingly entranced ourselves with our own God-given gift. Once we project onto the inkblot and it reflects back to us our projection, we imagine that the form the inkblot has taken objectively exists, as if it is separate from us.

We then react to the inkblot, imagining we are reacting to the external universe, when in fact we are reacting to our own projection.

Nocturnal Meditations

We are like a kitten in front of a mirror endlessly reacting to its own reflection, imagining it is separate from itself. And yet, our having fallen into this infinite regression is a form of madness. This activity of endlessly reacting to our own energy is a crazy-making activity, as over time this tends to generate insane behavior. In the repetition compulsion, the way we try to heal our trauma is the very act re-creating the trauma from which we are trying to heal. And yet, our doing this is the very medium through which we can potentially integrate and transcend the unconsciousness that is at the root of our doing this.

Hidden in the problem is the key to its resolution. Inherent in this process is that at any moment we can effortlessly step out of our dilemma, stop endlessly re-creating our trauma, and spontaneously cease frowning, for frowning is an activity we are actively doing in each moment.